Tsampa Detox Ku-Nye Therapy

Benefits of Tsampa Detox Ku Nye Therapy

  • Ku Nye is a traditional therapeutic massage, which uses oils infuse with medicine herbs, herbal pouches, tsampa (roasted barley flour)
  • Tsampa (roasted barley flour) powder is used to get rid of toxins with a massage. It’s a detoxifying and cleansing agent.
  • Therapist focuses on the specific points on the body which corresponds to different constitutions of or natural illness.
  • After the Ku Nye therapy, the practitioner will also apply ChiPa, a cleansing technique. This cleansing technique uses different natural powders, such as Tsampa or ChikPea flour to absorb oil from the skin.
  • Flour used after the massage therapy will helps to absorb left over oil as well as toxins and body waste products.
  • This technique is especially beneficial for obese people.

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