Herbal Foot Steam Bath

Six advantages of Tibetan Herbal Foot steaming therapy:

Unique Effects 

Tibetan herbal steam is popular because of its effectiveness. Herbal steam distributes medicine through skin, points and channels to directly reach the location of disease. The medicine works faster than the oral medicine.

Environmentally Safe 

Taking medicine through skin; produces fewer side effects and less damage to liver, kidney or stomach. It relieves illness without the need to take bitter medicine. Because the steaming is happening in the surface of skin, the medicine concentrated in blood system is lower. The medicine stays in the points and channels of related disease so the damage to liver or kidney is minimized.

Scientific Studies 

It increase metabolism and blood circulation, wards away any evil Qi, but not harming the righteous Qi. It treats internal disease from outside in. Channels and collaterals are invigorated. Sweating is induced but nutritive and protective Qi stays unharmed.

High Efficiency 

Any oral medicine will go through digestive system and not much will be left when the medicine reaches the disease site. But for the steaming therapy, medicine go through skin’s blood vessel directly. The concentration of medicine is more effectively preserved, absorbed and utilized this way.

Strengthening Kidney and Bones 

In Chinese medicine, “kidney governs bone and generates marrow”. That means the health of kidney and bone are closely related. Bone marrow is located deep in the body. Tibetan steaming therapy delivers herbal medicine through blood vessels under skin to maintain good health, nourish kidney and liver, regulate functions of liver and kidney, invigorate blood, remove stasis, dispel cold and transform dampness. Only strong kidney can nourish and generate bone marrow to produce strong bones.


Cedar has powerful functions: self-sterilization, anti-bacterial, anti-moth. Tibetan medicine using cedar to kill most bacteria; while the anion exchanger is also a air purifying agent; high temperature steam sterilization permits no place for germs to hide. So each guest’s foot treatment is sterile at all times. There is never happened any contaminations among millions of clients because the combination of anion exchanger and sterilizing properties.

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