What is a Ku Nye facial massage?

During a facial massage, therapist will use upward, gentle, yet stimulating strokes. Facial massage is often considered an anti-aging treatment as it can help keep the skin looking young, smooth, and firm.

FIVE Benefits:

  1. Relieves stress and tension which helps prevent wrinkles. Facial massage can help to relax tense muscles and decrease the lines tense muscles form. Facial massage also helps to relieve anxiety and gets relaxation after facial massage.
  2. Increases circulation. The increase in circulation can give your skin a youthful glow.
  3. Natural Face-lift. Massage helps bring oxygen to the area being massaged.
  4. Eliminate toxins. Facial massage can stimulate the lymphatic vessels which facilitates eliminating the toxins built up in the face.
  5. Our Ku Nytherapist will more focus on acupressure points like migrainesinus etc..

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